What’s the perfect day for your family? And why don’t you have more of them?

For my family, the perfect day might start with brunch at a favorite restaurant and then play at a nearby park. A perfect day would of course include a two or three-hour nap (for all of us), then tea and a bit of indoor play.

The evening would bring a nice stroll around the neighborhood, followed by books and bedtime. Then mommy and daddy might watch a movie and enjoy a glass of wine after the kiddies are tucked in.

We usually have a day like this once a month, a bit less frequently now that we’ve got a two-month-old baby who is becoming fussy in the evenings.

For some of my friends, the perfect day might be at Disney or another theme park, running from ride to ride, on the go all day.

Still others call a full day at home the perfect day, snuggling in bed or lounging on the couch with some good videos.

And a handful of families consider a day spent with other family members or friends the perfect day.

Whatever you consider the perfect day (and do tell us about it below!), I know it can be hard to have all the circumstances come together to make it possible.

For some, a busy work schedule interrupts the proceedings of a perfect day. Or maybe company staying with you means you won’t be spending the day as lazily as you might like. In our case, it’s the temporary period when our baby is not yet settled into a comfortable routine, making it harder to do the things we used to do as a family (and hopefully will again!)

Tell us what your idea of a perfect day is for your family – and why you don’t have more of them!

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  1. BethGold

    A perfect day…hmmm. I have a one and 3 yr old. sleeping in. good breakfast. and finding a fun activity outside or elsewhere. kids take a good nap. nice grilled dinner outside. campfire with friends on a summer night. then a cold beer after kids go to be without an issue!

  2. Jessica Beard

    My idea of a perfect day would be in the summer time. It would start out with my son sleeping in until 9, we’d eat a family breakfast and get around for the day. We’d go on a walk down to the lake to my parents house and take a boat ride. I’d have a good book to read when we got back in my lounge chair. We’d have a cookout with grill type food. We’d go back to take an afternoon nap. My husband and I would go out for a romantic dinner while my parents watched my son. We’d come home and have a family movie night. Sounds perfect to me. Time gets in the way of this happening more often, and of course the weather during the winter months.

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