16 ways to use a wipe

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably got a stash of wipes in your purse or diaper bag, maybe in your car, and definitely at home. But did you know that diaper wipes can do a lot more than clean up diaper messes?

There are tons of other specialized kinds of wipes you can buy to simplify life, too. Makeup wipes. Wipes for stainless steel. Wipes for your computer screen. But why spend extra money on special wipes, when cheapo baby wipes work just fine?

If you don’t believe me, haul out your leftover wipes and give it a try. Here are a few of things I’ve found baby wipes work just fine on:

  1. Polishing stainless steel appliances
  2. Cleaning doorknobs and lightswitches
  3. Refreshing your face or removing makeup at night (much easier than lathering up with cleanser and all that)
  4. Shining up the bathroom hardware and wiping the counters and sink (you can even do this with the one you’ve just used to remove your makeup)
  5. Cleaning off the car dash and steering wheel
  6. A refresher for hot body parts in the summer
  7. Removing fingerprints from the TV
  8. Cleaning off your stroller handle and tray
  9. Finally getting the crumbs and lint out of car cup holders
  10. Clearing sticky residue off your laptop screen and keyboard
  11. Wiping up spills when paper towels are nowhere to be seen
  12. A gentle way to clean off sore runny noses (why do you think Boogie Wipes were invented?)
  13. Cleaning off your toddler’s face and hands after a snack
  14. As hand wipes when the bathroom facilities just don’t look inviting
  15. To clean off the potty seat, especially if you use a travel potty seat when you’re out
  16. A gentle bath for your cell phone or iPod after sticky hands have been playing with it

Have you found some other uses for baby wipes beyond their usual intended use? Do share!

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  1. Jessica Beard

    Great uses for extra wipes! I find myself using wipes to clean my mouse and steering wheel.

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