I started out making baby hats when my baby girl was born. She was my first model, and because she started out wearing them early, she quickly got used to them and rarely complained about having to wear one. In fact, one of her first words was “too small”, because every time she asks to […]

As I sit crocheting every day, my two-year-old daughter just can’t resist having a look at what I am doing, and even trying it herself. She climbs up into my lap if she is allowed, or sits nearby and does her best to imitate Mommy with a ball of yarn and a crochet hook! I […]

I have a penchant for making baby’s hats. I can never make enough of them because my customers seems to want more designs and more choices. After scouring for new handcrafters who can add their unique hats to Beanie Designs, I came across a company own by a husband and wife selling handmade hats and […]

We all have our color preferences, and most parents gravitate firmly towards choosing blue for their boys and pink for their girls. But it’s never that simple, is it? Personally, I love seeing my little girl in blue baby hats. Color preferences are usually based on fashion trends in society and tradition. Beanie Design hats […]


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