As people are actively price shopping online, there are also more retailers out there offering goods for sale. How can you know when you’re safe shopping on a website if you’ve never heard of it before? Here are a few tips to practice safe shopping online and help avoid conundrums such as having your credit [...]
One of our favorite perks of making hats for children is being able to make a hat that will become a treasured childhood memory in photographs. As you can probably tell from our Facebook page and website we can't get enough of our customers' unbelievably cute photos of their children wearing a beanie. I swear [...]

Organic baby clothing. While some might consider it an unnecessary splurge, other parents feel good knowing their babies aren’t wearing pesticides and harsh dyes. Many also say that natural fabrics like high-quality organic cotton and bamboo also feel better to the touch, naturally softer and gentler on tender baby skin. One company that is dedicated […]


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