Looking for something fun to do with your child that will also help them learn a useful skill? Teach them to read! We started showing our son words even before he learned the alphabet, at just 4 months. We never dreamed he’d be reading full sentences and simple books before he even turned 3! In […]

Forget kegels. You’re going to be using other body parts way more in the coming months if you’re a new mom. Here are a few of my favorite new mom exercises. They’re not going to do much to help you get back your pre-baby body. But they will do more than you could ever imagine […]

Father’s Day is June 19. Still almost a month away. But I’m going to issue a challenge now: Instead of a watch, slippers, tie or some other boring Father’s Day gift, consider making something for your dad or husband using photos. If you don’t have a set of his favorite photos that comes to mind […]


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