One of my friends was recently diagnosed with placenta previa at 32 weeks of her pregnancy. It’s no fun to hear your uterus may have developed abnormally so that your placenta is now covering your cervix, much less to be told you’ve got to lay flat for a couple months. So we put together a […]

Throughout my first pregnancy, my keyboard clacked away 6 hours a day just 3 inches from the little baby growing inside my belly. Now he’s three and he’s the one clacking on my laptop keyboard. The Washington Post reports that toddlers spend more time with technology than they do with books. More than double the […]

If you’re a proponent of breastfeeding, you probably know all the wonderful benefits it can bring your baby. But did you know that breastfeeding can contribute to jaundice in newborn babies? It’s the first I heard of this, too. My baby was born 6 weeks premature. He had jaundice, as most premature babies do. He […]


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