Most days I’m strung out by 10 am, still wearing the same nursing tank from the day before, and wishing the kids were ready for a nap. Stress. It’s the bane of all stay-at-home moms (SAHMs), whether you have one kid or five. A new study pointed out that working mothers are happier than 100% […]

Growing up, I always felt that maids and hired help were for the rich. Why spend money on something you could do yourself? I’d much rather have that money for travel. Or clothes. Or anything but having someone clean our toilets and vacuum for us. Fast forward to the present day. My husband and I […]

There are two different ways we come to know things: through reading or hearing about things and through experiencing them for ourselves. Do you remember playing Duck Duck Goose in elementary school? Dodgeball? Singing songs every day in music class? Naptime in kindergarten? My kids are yet to start school, but I hear it’s very […]


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