I’ve been slacking on writing down milestones. My firstborn’s baby book extends to his fifth year, but I have yet to put photos in it from his first! I have this idea. What if I enlist my kids to help me document their years in a book we create together? (Well, I may have to […]

Hello lovelies! How is your day going? Is it blissfully blip-free? Or are you having one of those days where you just want to crawl back under the covers and start over? Yesterday, I was reminded of what the key is to having a good day. Since many of you reading this are also moms, […]

Infant potty training, often called EC, is catching on. But as more and more moms hear about babies going diaperless, there’s plenty of skepticism, too. Many feel it’s too much to expect. After all, who has the time to sit around and watch for baby’s signals constantly? I won’t suguar coat it. Elimination communication is […]

Plastic has certainly made life more convenient. But that convenience comes at some cost to our health, particularly the health of our babies and children. You may already buy plastic things that are labeled BPA free. But did you know exactly why BPA is so dangerous? I’ll try to shed a little light here, and […]


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