My boss is short, quite fat and mostly bald. He’s four and a half months old, but this mini CEO of our house rules with an iron fist (covered in drool usually). Coffee breaks are forbidden, as is sleeping on the job, though he indulges in frequent power naps himself. Did I mention it’s a […]

Working moms have it good, those who leave the house for a job every day. They get to wear a range of wardrobe choices. Perhaps even heels! They can go to the bathroom without any kids watching (or attached to them). WOHMs may even get to eat a complete lunch or finish a conversation with […]

Moms who choose to stay at home without working are thrilled they can concentrate on their children 100%. And because it’s often just for the first years until school starts, they can look forward to getting back into the workforce again fairly soon – or not. However, spending every day in the trenches caring completely […]

Does working from home sound like a dream to you? Many moms find something they’re passionate about and then turn it into a home-based business in order to be at home with the kids. In fact, that’s how Beanie Designs’ baby hats started out. Beanie Designs is made up of some fantastic WAHMs, led by […]


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