The other day I arrived at the supermarket and realized it was the first time in weeks I’d gone somewhere alone. Both kids were home with the husband. I had about an hour and a half, which meant I was really just getting groceries. But then I realized I could take a time out for […]

Since having my second baby, I feel like I’ve become a bodyguard for a celebrity. I’m on duty three days a week when I venture into bigger-kid territory with my baby for my older son’s activities. I have to say I’m not a very good bodyguard, though. I turn to talk to another mom, and […]

My little boy is crazy about cars. He knows all the major car makers and can recognize their logos. I didn’t even know my friend’s SUV was a Cadillac until he told me. On nice evenings, we sometimes walk as a family to the front entrance of our community to watch the cars driving by […]


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