Ladies, as you go about your days (or years) after having a baby, there are a few things I think you’ll find particularly helpful. I’m not talking about baby gear. I’m talking about the things a mama needs. You’re a super mom. You put a lot of thought into getting the cutest stuff for your […]

My first baby was such a picky eater. I worry I caused that somehow. So when I heard the idea circulating parenting circles of letting the baby dictate what to eat, I wanted to learn more. According to the mom pioneering the Adventures in Solids blog, baby-led solid food introduction may be a healthy way […]

Infant potty training, or EC (elimination communication) is becoming popular in some parenting circles, and being poo-poohed by others (pardon the pun!) Whatever you think of it, if you have an infant or if you’re expecting a baby, you can’t help but be curious. And once you learn what the possibilities are, it’s rather hard […]

My doctor said she felt that having a second child was easy, since she’d already been through it all with her first. Me, I feel like it’s been harder than anything I’ve ever done. I’ll share here a few of the things I have discovered the second time around. Let me know how it was […]


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