I love sleep. I just don’t get much of it. After I became pregnant, I couldn’t sleep soundly. I would lie awake for most of the night, feeling peaceful, but not sleeping. My doctor said it was called vigilant sleeping and it was my body preparing to deal with a newborn infant. When our son […]

If you’re a mom with a baby turning into a toddler, you may be looking forward to setting up play dates. It sounds like a great excuse to dress up your kid, get out of the house, and spend time with another mom while your kids play together happily. Looking forward to stimulating conversation? A […]

Contrary to popular thought, we busy moms are surprisingly good at saying no. It’s just that we say no to the wrong things. It’s surprisingly difficult to say no when we should. Like when asked to take on tasks that extend beyond what our already busy schedule might comfortably allow. A lot of moms have […]


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