Last week in our first post on Baby Fashions for Fall 2012, we got started talking about soft knits for boys and girls and showed you some examples of gorgeous baby hats to fit the season. Today, feast your eyes on another round of exquisite baby wear trends – plus our recommended baby hats, of […]

We know you love baby fashions, since you come to Beanie Designs for cozy, delicious baby hats, right? Well here’s a roundup of some new baby fashion trends for Fall 2012 you will adore, along with our pick of baby hats to top them off with a dash of sugar and spice. Hint: you’ll see […]

For a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), the first day of preschool is a big deal.  Your little boy or girl probably hasn’t spent much time away from you, and he or she looks to you to make the day run smoothly. It’s scary for kids, and I was worried about how my son would do. I […]

My body changed a bit after my first kid. After my second, it’s barely recognizable to me. It’s been 10 months since my second baby, and I am only 13 lbs heavier than pre-first-baby. But I’m also four and a half years older than when I started having kids. The years plus the extra weight […]


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