Taking your baby to potty is a wonderful but long-forgotten practice many parents these days wish they had known about when their children were born. I started EC with my first baby when he was 4 months old, and we finished up around 16-18 months. I skipped the diaper aisle completely from 17 months as […]

I was lying down with my baby after our walk this morning, getting in some quality cuddling before his morning nap – and basking in all the wonderful magic that is a baby. Babies are completely enchanting, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you have one baby or you’ve had five, you can never get enough of […]

Isn’t it strange that just when we desperately need to do something wonderful for ourselves, we find it the hardest to do? When you’re stiff and achy, you need a good stretch. But you’re too tired so you collapse on the couch instead. When you’re really hungry, your body needs a healthy fix. Of course […]


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