As cool weather sets in, a warm, high-quality hat is a must-have for your baby. But what do you do if your babe won’t keep her hat on? Babies love to play with anything new, and that’s often why babies try to get their hats off as soon as you put them on. Your baby: […]

Little kids love to dress up in costumes. From dashing superheroes in capes to dainty ballerinas in frilly tutus, a new identity emerges when little boys and girls dress up. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a full-on costume for kids to feel the excitement of a disguise. Our animal ear hats are […]

So, you wait until your child is four years old, or thereabouts, to enroll him or her in a great preschool. You do your research, then sit back and look forward to it, anticipating more time to yourself while your child is learning great things and making new friends. But wait. The hard part is […]


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