3 exercises to practice as a new mom

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Your newborn may look so sweet, but she'll have you doing things you never knew you could.

Forget kegels. You’re going to be using other body parts way more in the coming months if you’re a new mom.

Here are a few of my favorite new mom exercises. They’re not going to do much to help you get back your pre-baby body. But they will do more than you could ever imagine to build stamina and self confidence. You’ll discover much of this will even come naturally.

The backseat stretch

Favorite toy/blankie/book/bottle/cup fell out of reach. Again. This exercise is great for the shoulder. Reach back, feel around on seat. Now pat the floor. Find desired item. Twist elbow and wrist back and up until the item is safely back with baby. Keep torso—and eyes—facing forward through the entire exercise. Maintain even pressure with your feet on the appropriate pedals.

You may find you can bend your right arm in directions you never knew you could. Kind of like yoga while driving. Except you’re trying to quiet your mind while someone’s screaming in the backseat.

The one-armed bandit

You’ll be amazed at the feats of flexibility you’ll find yourself maneuvering with only one hand.

Desperate to pee but need to tend to a crying, hungry baby? It’s not unheard of for a mom to cradle a baby latched onto the breast while completing an entire trip to the bathroom. Trust me, you’ll never know how much you took for granted having two arms until you do this.

The laundry toss

Sort, wash, fold. Repeat 3 times. It’s like running a triathlon. Except you have to do it every single day if you’ve got a new baby in the house.

It’s not just their clothes. You may go through more laundry than they do if your nursing pads aren’t catching everything. Plus, know that spit up usually lands where it can do the most damage. Even disastrous diaper changes have resulted in entire loads of laundry all by themselves. (These always seem to happen when it’s my husband changing the baby, though somehow I’m still the one doing the laundry toss feat.)

Tell us the new mom exercises you’ve come to find most useful in the comments section below. We’d love to hear it!

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