3 things I wished someone had told me about raising a baby

BabyLooking back, there are so many things I wished I had known from the start with our first baby.

Here are a couple of the more basic ones. It seems like everyone else had these figured out while we worried and floundered. With the second baby on the way, we’re feeling a lot more confident. But who knows, this time around things may be completely different, right?

Why don’t you share something you wished you knew about raising a baby in the comments section below, too!

1. Your sleep will never be the same.

Everyone says this, so I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping much in the beginning. But I didn’t know that it would ALWAYS be a problem.

Like, until they go to college. I thought it was limited to the first 3 months, and then your baby was supposed to sleep perfectly through the night. Until I read this article. 27 years without a decent night’s sleep? Yup, this is already looking like my life.

2. Babies don’t usually wean themselves.

Maybe I was naïve, but with the emphasis placed on encouraging moms to continue breastfeeding until their babies are at least 1 year old, I figured it must be hard to get them to go on more than that.

Turns out it’s not hard for the kid. It’s hard for the mom. (Especially those who are working and have to pump.) But if your breasts appear to be constantly available, your baby will constantly want them. Weaning takes dedication and a solid plan.

And having a routine for your breastfeeding helps with the weaning process.

3. It’s all about the schedule.

You can set a schedule and your baby will follow it. Who knew? (Apparently, everyone but us.) In fact, everything will go more smoothly if you follow a predictable routine.

Don’t get me wrong, we made attempts. We knew our baby needed 12 hours of sleep at night, plus the right amount of naps during the day. This much I had learned. But we didn’t know how to go about it properly, and it usually turned into a lot less sleep and a lot more stress. (Isn’t my baby supposed to be asleep by 7 pm? Why is he still wiggling around at 10 pm?) We spent hours trying to get him to sleep.

Routines? Schedules? I never knew what was happening from one day to the next. So I guess he didn’t either.

That was us the first time around. What about you? Anything you wished you knew sooner?

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