5 ways to organize all those tiny baby clothes

office drawers for holding baby clothes

A set of office supplies drawers becomes a tower for holding baby clothes

Have you ever discovered a cute baby outfit in the drawer – after your baby has already outgrown it? Baby clothes are so cute to buy and dress your child in. But they’re also tiny and prone to being hard to organize so you can find them easily.

Here are a couple ways to try organizing them so they’re handy to your changing station and easy to see at a glance, without buying new furniture.

1. Store in repurposed furniture or containers

Look around and see what you might make use of. I had an office supplies drawer set I no longer needed. Since the drawers are so tiny, they’re ideal for holding about 10 items each. One drawer is for onesies, another is for t-shirts, another for pants, then rompers, and so on. (And of course one drawer is for my little boy’s hats.)

2. In baskets according to type of clothing and size

You could have one set of baskets for 0-3 months and another set for 3-6 months. (Two sizes often overlap somewhat, due to discrepancies in sizing among clothing manufacturers.) Put onesies in one basket, pants and sweaters/jackets in another basket, socks, baby hats and diaper covers in another, etc. This totally eliminates the need for folding, as you can just sort them and toss them in after washing.

baby clothes in a drawer

A tray holds cloth diapers while the drawer keeps the most used baby clothing nearby

3. On a serving tray, rolled up

If you have a flat surface available, like the top of a table or a shelf under the changing table, you can take a pretty serving tray and roll up the baby items for a cute, easy to use storage system. Do this with the most-used clothes, so they’re easy to see and pick up. I’m using this for my cloth diapers at the moment.

4. In a drawer with dividers

I do this for my baby’s sleepwear, since those are the items he wears the most. Our dresser is right beside the changing station so the closest drawer is dedicated to his most-used clothing. (Yes, I am keeping the baby in the main bedroom with us for now.)

5. Hanging up in a closet

This is probably ideal, but not everyone has a closet to dedicate to tiny baby clothes. But if you do, you will want your changing station within reach of the closet, so you can reach in and grab what you need mid-change. One major benefit when baby clothes are hanging up is that you can easily see sizes/lengths of items.

How do you organize your baby clothes? Add your tips here!

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Comments (4)

  1. beth gold

    Also id say clear the clutter. If they are not in the size, box and label it in big totes.

  2. Lisa

    Beth, so true! As soon as something is outgrown, it should be placed aside. Currently I don’t have a collection spot for outgrown outfits, though, so they’re littering the house… One on the table, another on the dryer, etc. Gotta get a box!

  3. Jessica Beard

    I hang all of my son’s clothes, except for sleepers and pants. I have a closet divider, so I have all the season’s organized. I want to make sure he wears all the cute clothes he has. I had so many 0-3 clothes, that some of them he only wore once!

  4. Stuart Rubenstein

    Great blog!! You just gave me some wonderful ideas on how i should go about organizing my baby’s room. Thanks so much.!!


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