A baby hat fit for preemies

The two poms hat fit my little preemie

The two poms baby hat on my 6 week premature son

My second son was a preemie, born 6 weeks early. Though he was a decent size for his gestational age (4 lbs 15 oz), nothing seemed to fit him. Even the thin little blue and pink hats at the hospital kept slipping around on his head, and the nurses had to double them up.

As soon as I got my hands on this little Two Poms Baby Hat, I knew I had a keeper. It’s been wonderful, keeping his head warm and growing with him as he nears 7 lbs now. And it certainly looks a lot better than the standard hats you find in the hospital.

At first I rolled up the rim when his head was really tiny. Now he wears it down, filling it out a bit more. (In the picture, you can see it’s up in the back but down in the front.) Either way, it is snug and warm without being tight or binding.

But how does this baby hat hold up to washing, you ask?

Of course you want to wash your newborn’s clothes before you put them on him, regardless if organic or not.

You’ll see that the baby hats on this site can be machine washed.

But I have to admit, I’ve wondered how the Beanie Designs hats actually hold up to machine washing. (I’m fairly new to the company, and my domain is mostly the blog.) So I took the chance and tossed the hat in the washer with the rest of his baby clothes. I skipped the dryer, though, instead hanging it up to dry.

I’m pleased to report that the Two Poms Baby Hat looked exactly the same as new once it had dried! The dense pompoms fluffed up all on their own, and the knit remained consistent and soft.

Brown two poms baby hat

The brown two poms baby hat from Beanie Designs

We haven’t officially added preemie sizes to our hat collection yet, but if your baby is on the smaller side, I’d recommend the Two Poms Baby Hat for it’s snugness and potential for fitting a rapidly growing head. We went for the lovely mid brown color, but it also comes in other colors to suit your preferences for your baby.

And no worries if your baby is bigger – the hat is available in a range of sizes.

And you’ll also see that our hats ship fast (and free!), usually leaving our warehouse the next business day, just as a sample of the customer service you’ll get at Beanie Designs. We’re a company that genuinely cares about making baby’s lives better, and we know you want to get your hat on your baby’s little head fast!

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Comments (5)

  1. Jessica Beard

    I love the 2 Poms hat! Your son looks so cute in it! I have also washed my son’s Beanie Designs hat and it turned out great.

  2. Lisa

    Hi Jessica, which hat does your son have? I’d love to see photos!

  3. Jessica Beard

    My son has the 3 poms hat in cream. I posted a photo on the facebook wall of Beanie Designs. His name is Cameron (the photo is him with a brown coat on surrounded by red and yellow mums if you want to look at it).

    • Lisa

      Hi Jessica, I just went and looked it up. So darling! Cameron is a real cutie. I think he actually looks cuter in that hat than the baby models on the site.

  4. Jessica Beard

    Thank you for that Lisa! I think he is pretty cute myself ;-).

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