A message to WOHMs from one SAHM

Working moms have it good, those who leave the house for a job every day. They get to wear a range of wardrobe choices. Perhaps even heels! They can go to the bathroom without any kids watching (or attached to them). WOHMs may even get to eat a complete lunch or finish a conversation with another adult by the end of the day.

At least those are my thoughts on some days, as a stay-at-home mom who hasn’t left the house for a job since giving birth over three years ago.

Pretty shallow, I know. Deciding to return to the workforce and place your child in daycare is a monumental decision. And I understand how working moms can feel giant-sized Mom Guilt when they realize that staying home with the kids all day long is not really in their makeup, or perhaps a choice they just can’t make.

So I’ve got a message for my WOHM friends here.

This is what I would say to moms who work outside the home:

Lose the guilt! Children can benefit immensely from quality childcare. The key is quality, so choose carefully and feel free to go about your business confidently while they’re in care.

Make your time with your child a happy time every day. Just think, if it’s only 2 hours a day, you can make sure they see the best of you during that time, and not the stressed out, grumpy mom that a lot of SAHM kids deal with regularly.

Even if your mind is on your kids, don’t let your boss know. You are sacrificing time away from your family, but that doesn’t automatically get you a bonus. Do your best when you’re at work. Then do your best when you’re with your family.

And for heaven’s sake, reward yourself. Heck, we should all be rewarding ourselves. Go get that massage when you’ve got a slow afternoon at work. Hire a maid so you can spend more quality time with your family when you’re not working.

WOHMs, your situation is no more difficult than those of moms who stay at home or work from home – even when you are frantically throwing things together to get out the door on time every morning.

And don’t worry what others may think of you for choosing the path of the WOHM. You work outside the home for reasons that will ultimately benefit your family, whether financially or simply for making a happier mom. And your choice should be honored by other moms, too.

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