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ladies working at home

Some of Chizipoms Ladies at home knitting and crocheting

Hand-made with Love

Hand-crocheted by a diverse group of talented women in the US and China, these soft-to-the-touch hats will protect your little one’s head from the harsh weather elements outside.

Most of Chizipoms artisans are stay-at-home moms who have children of their own. They know how necessary comfort is to a baby. And that’s why each hat is tailored to give a warm soothing hug to your precious one.
The special attention-to-detail that goes into these little hats makes them very durable. They’ll last long enough for your baby to outgrow them (and even to be passed down to future siblings). And after many washings, they will still keep their original shape.

marta making hats

We’re not your baby’s grandma, but we sure do put lots of love in making these hats.

The Essence of Chizipoms

Imagine a sweet little grandma sitting in her creaky old chair. An old pendulum clock is ticking. Her tiny hands are busy, crocheting a lovely pink blanket for her daughter’s newborn. Buried in bundles of yarns, hours pass. And she persists, working on row after row of fabric.

Grandma puts lots of love and care into her crocheting, because she knows the baby girl will stay toasty warm this freezing winter thanks to her new blanky. She puts all her heart into her bulky creations because she only wants the best for her niece.

And this is her way of passing her warm love onto her dearest ones. Now, what if you take grandma’s loving devotion… and couple it with the coziest materials the world can offer — and the most adorable baby hat designs available? You get Chizipoms!

Our Cute Baby Pictures

Our Photographers are Our Customers

Many of our customer are children photographers and they have shared their photographies for our product displays. We thank them very much.

Mimi Inglin at Inglin Photography

John & Christa Spera at

Emma at

We include our own children as models

Little Boy Blue Hat

Yacine’s son (Chizipoms’ founder)

Photoshoot With Mimi Inglin


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