Guide to Children and Baby Hat Styles at Beanie Designs

So, you’re looking for a hat for a special little boy or girl. But there are so many different kinds of hats to choose from! We’ve created our children hat style guide to give you a simple overview of the different types of hats available at Chizipoms. Just click to see colors, embellishments and more details on each hat style.

Simple Beanie Hats

The basic baby hat style that started it all! A variety of colors and embellishments make our beanie hat collection distinctive, with something for every boy or girl.

Wondering just why one of our beanie hats might the right choice for your baby? We’ve prepared a style guide all about baby beanie hats just for discerning buyers looking to learn more. Read why parents especially love this style of hat for their children, and see some of our favorite hat picks, too. Go to the Style Guide for Baby Beanie Hats

Fruit Hats

Top your baby with something naturally sweet: a soft cotton hat knit to look like an apple, blueberry, strawberry, pumpkin and even a cupcake!

Are you looking for a special baby hat that adds a touch of whimsy but still works great for everyday wear? Find out why doting parents and other discerning shoppers love our fruit hats in our style guide all about our baby fruit hats. See some of our favorite fruit hat picks, too. Go to the Style Guide for Fruit Hats

Flower Hats

From brightly colored peonies to daisies with pretty jewel centers and darling satin bows, our sweetest little girl hats are created for budding divas everywhere.

Love flower hats but want to see why ours are really the right choice for your baby girl? Now discerning shoppers like you can learn all about what makes our baby flower hats special. Read why parents especially love this style of hat for their sweet little girls, and see some of our favorite flower hat picks, too. Go to the Style Guide for Baby Flower Hats

Stocking Hats

Photo perfect Stocking hats. Traditionally worn for sleeping, stocking caps have a soft, comfortable rim while tapering into a single long tassel.

If you love the idea of a stocking hat for your baby but want to learn more, we invite you to explore the details of this hat in our style guide. Read what makes the stocking hat style special, why parents love it, and see some of our favorite stocking hat picks, too. Go to the Style Guide for Stocking Hats

Earflap Hats

A classic hat style enduring through the years. See how fun stripes, flowers, animal ears, mohawks, pompoms and practical tassels make this hat style a customer favorite.

What’s so great about our ear flap hats, you ask? Read on to learn all the things that make a Chizipoms ear flap hat special. See why parents particularly love this style of hat for little boys and girls in the winter, and see some of our recommended ear flap hat picks, too. Go to the Style Guide for Ear Flap Hats

Ear Hats

Delighting babies and adults alike, our animal ear hats come in a variety of styles and colors, from a soft cream bear hat to our vibrant green frog eyes hat.

The darling of newborn photographers and parents alike, the animal ear hat style has captured hearts everywhere. Read all about what makes these sweet knit baby ear hats much loved by our customers in the style guide we’ve created featuring this special hat. We’ll offer up a few of our recommended picks and guide you through what you need to know when choosing the right animal ear hat. Go to the Style Guide for Animal Ear Hats

Visor Hats

Enjoy a modern, soft interpretation of the vintage newsboy cap style, with a rounded cap and bill in front. Sweet colors and choices for both boys and girls.

Are you beginning to picture your little boy or girl in a visor cap hat? The Beanie Designs style guide takes you on a walk through the roots of this vintage newsboy style of years gone by. See our favorites for boys and girls and learn why this hat style remains dear to parents and kids alike. Go to the Style Guide for Visor Cap Hats

Pompom Hats

Fanciful pom pom designs are staples of the latest fashion trend for all ages, and as an accent for our beautiful beanie designs, pom poms make a fashion statement that charms and delights kids at any age. Read our Style Guide for Pompom Beanie Hats


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