Baby hat trend alert! Must-have colors for 2013

Organic cotton pumpkin baby hat

Fall in love with 2012’s tangy tangerine in our Pumpkin Baby Hat!

We love color! As makers of the softest, sweetest baby hats around, Beanie Designs keeps an eye on color and fashion trends as we knit our time-tested classic baby hat styles for you. Let’s see what Pantone predicts is in store for us color-wise for 2013.

Did you know? The color of the year for 2012 was Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463), a vibrant reddish orange hue. If you’re looking to get in on the orange action this fall/winter, you might choose our popular Organic Cotton Pumpkin Baby Hat.

So, for 2013, the worldwide authority on color has put together a palette of exquisite colors based on the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond. Here’s what it looks like:

Why do you think this unique mix of colors has come into focus? Pantone tells us it’s all about the consumer’s need to express him or herself, maintain balance and re-energize. We all certainly need that, right!

Multi Color Visor Hat

Hit the color trend with a major mix of hues in this baby boy hat

Hit the color trend with a major mix of hues in this baby boy hat[/caption]

You’ll find that even baby clothes will take on balanced mixes of these vibrant and delicate hues. And do we have the hats to go with it all!

Poppy Red – try our Organic Cotton Red Strawberry Hat. Saturated with juicy color, this baby hat gives a color fix to your little one from newborns right up to pre-teens

Organic Cotton Two Poms Boys Multi-Color Hat combines the softest colors and yarns to meet current trends but stays true to our classic styles. In one hat, you’ll find four of 2013’s top colors dancing together: Grayed Jade, Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue and Lemon Zest. Our other color option in the Two Poms hat style for boys includes Emerald and Tender Shoots, too. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with either.

The Rainbow Beanie Hat also covers a lot of ground reaching into the fashion world’s colors of Emerald, Dusk Blue, Nectarine, Lemon Zest and Monaco Blue. This one is sure to bring a lot of cheer wherever you baby wears it!

See our baby beanie hat in 2013’s African Violet, a sweet alternative to pink

African Violet gets some attention this coming year, too. A beautiful color, it’s a feminine alternative to pink. Try our light purple Beanie Flower Hat for this adorable effect.

Linen, a pale tan color, is a neutral, go-with-everything color. Here are just a few to tickle your fancy: Organic Cotton Lil’ Mouse Hat, the ever-fashionable Organic Cotton Cupcake Hat, and our Organic Cotton Baby Stocking Hat in Brown with Tan Stripes.

Why don’t you weigh in, too! Tell us, what colors are you in love with this fall/winter? And, how are you dressing your baby in them?

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