Be kind to yourself

As a mom, you spend your day taking care of others. You really want to do your best when it comes to your children and your family. But most days end feeling like so much was left undone.

Maybe the kitchen is still a mess from the dinner you threw together. Maybe that dinner wasn’t as healthy as what you would like the kids to be eating. Maybe they didn’t even eat most of it anyway…

It’s hard to keep your spirits up as a stay-at-home mom. When things don’t go perfectly, you blame yourself. After all, you’ve dedicated yourself to raising your children and running your home. You SHOULD be able to do it all, right?

Let me tell you, stop judging yourself. Speak kindly to yourself as your day unfolds.

Even if the kids are still in their pajamas by the time naptime rolls around (they’re going to bed again, anyway!) Even if you had to let them veg in front of the TV longer than you really think is good, because you had to get some bills paid. Even if the baby cried for a while until you could get to her after her nap…

Being a mom is not something that can be done perfectly. Choose your battles, those things that you feel strongly about. And stick to them. Make it a conscious decision to do the things that you know will make your family happier and healthier, and overlook the little stuff.

And remind yourself it’s okay to do that.

Don’t beat yourself up just because the neighbor dropped off beautiful handmade gifts from her children at holiday time, and you didn’t even get out cards this year. You are a mom, and you’re busy taking care of your family in the best way you can. And that means spending the time you have on the things you need to, and letting the rest go.

And by the way, don’t disparage the moms who seem to be perfectly in control, looking elegant every time you see them, and cranking out those wonderful handmade gifts. They have their rough days, too.

Maybe it was putting on some makeup and doing crafts with her kids that got her through that day.

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