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Sometimes it just feels good to look at something beautiful. Sure, we are all surrounded by beautiful moments each day, but a couple minutes stealing away to another world can be just what we need to return to our own renewed and refreshed. So I’ve gathered here 9 blogs you can visit for a daily dose of beauty that will take your breath away. Enjoy!
Dear Baby

Melissa features stunning photographs as she writes about her family consisting of rock n’ roll husband and their two children. Her simple way of expression can touch your heart and leave a lingering pleasantness. You feel as if you’ve had a very intimate peek into the way family life should be.

Anna Maria Horner

Anna Maria Horner is a designer who works from her home-based design shop in Nashville with her six children aged between 2 and 19. She creates fabrics, clothing, paper goods, quilts, paintings and sewing and needlework patterns. Her stunning blog is written in a charming, off-beat voice that makes you want to keep reading even though you’ve got a zillion other things to do—and don’t even know the first thing about needlework. Even a scroll down the page whisks you away to a beautiful place.

A blog for dads. But so much more than that. Cute photos, with commentary written from the male perspective, without too much macho. A nice break from all the mom blogs that tend to fill the family moments blogging scene, especially if you’ve got a son. Sometimes you can get a rush from looking at a little boy admiring a car.

This is Glamorous

A blog about design, initially started as a spot to catalog beautiful things online, {this is glamorous} has been recognized by some of the biggest names in fashion, design, travel and all things gorgeous . The editor and creative director is a woman known only by her first name: “an incurable romantic with rose-coloured glasses, roséline dreams in layers of tulle and everything gilded, adores sequins and champagne on a saturday night, and most of all, her longtime love, the charming brit, who makes everyday feel as if it were springtime in paris . . .” Now doesn’t that make you want to see the beautiful things she curates in her blog?

Posie gets cozy

Alicia Paulson features stunning photos of life, whether from the county fair she’s visiting with her family, a new home project or close ups of foliage others might just stroll past.  She has me almost tasting her latest recipe, while the scent of the mossy forest still lingers from the previous post. A delight for all the senses, whenever you need a break or just want to be reminded of how beautiful some ordinary things can be.

Creature Comforts

EZ blogs about “celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing and looking to find beauty in the unexpected.” Something we all need more of, I’d say. But even beyond being so delicious to look at, EZ’s blog brings plenty of practical projects and tips that anyone can partake of. This is no far-fetched in-your-dreams-only blog. She tells you how to make cupcake candle holders, shares printable gift tag designs, and whips up color palettes that will have you scheming to makeover at least one room in your house. I’m also a fan of her category Great Finds Under $30. There you go: pleasure and practicality.

The Wiegand’s

Written by Casey Wiegand, this blog again is about a young family. But the variety of typefaces, vintage-looking photos, and pure sweetness that emanates off your screen makes you want to read along – or at least scroll the page to pick out the beautiful images. Expect to be swept away. She’s got music to go with it, for the total peace out experience. (While I’m not a fan of sites that play music unprompted, you can scroll to the bottom to see the pop-out player she’s installed and create your own free playlist.)

The Hipster Dad

Okay, so the Hipster Dad doesn’t fit with the typical definition of beauty, as you’ll see when you arrive at the site. But like I said, hearing from a dad can bring a welcome change. And reading this dad’s words to his daughter carries enough beauty to get you through the day feeling great. He’s a dad with a degree in fine arts, so be sure to check out his DIY birthday invitations for a really special way to start a party.

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