Bigger sizes available for flower hats:

Previously, we only offered our silk flower hats fit for newborn babies and infants up to 18-months old. As we tried to diversify in this business, we believe it is high time to offer our products to kids older than 18 months. We are sharing this good news for your sweet girls. Even adults may enjoy our big flower hats as well.

One good product is the pink beanie with a flower on it. It has a wide range of sizes starting from babies newborn to adults. The silk flower’s center is embellished with a rhinestone. It is actually a hat with an attitude and a fashion sense

We recommend flower hats basically because they are hip, cute and sassy. Your babies and kids will surely love them. I am so happy whenever I see pictures of children wearing these hats on. You may always celebrate any occasion with these wonderful flower hats.

Here are some pictures showing how our customers love flower hats on their heads.

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