You put a lot of thought into the clothing you buy for your baby, and hats are a wardrobe must-have for every infant. Well-made baby hats can help your little one regulate temperature and stay comfortable. And it doesn’t hurt that they look simply adorable in photos.

In case you’re new to the scene, today’s newborn hats go way beyond pink and blue striped beanies.

Fabric choices for baby hats

Let’s talk about fabric choices first. While you can find infant hats in just about every type of fabric, baby hat designers at recommend hand knitted baby hats made of high-quality cotton yarns.

High-quality knitted organic cotton hats provide breathability, keeping babies warm while still letting air circulate. After all, you want to prevent overheating as much as you want to keep your sweet one from getting cold. Thanks to this feature, many versatile hand knit winter baby hats can even work well through the summer, too.

Go for hats in unexpected styles

Knitted baby hats offer the widest range of style options. And if you think style isn’t really that important at this point, just wait til you see how many pictures you’ll be taking! It’s priceless to have those sweet memories to look back on, and a few cute baby hats will make all the difference.

You can find infant hats in hundreds of adorable styles at Look for unexpected themes with bear ears or a cupcake on top, even flowerstrawberryapple, or pumpkin designs. If your tastes run more classic, look to knit beanies or aviator earflap hats, and stocking caps.

Consider organic cotton for your baby hats

Organic cotton also makes a great fabric choice for newborn hats. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and colored using low-impact dyes. So you have peace of mind that your baby remains safe from undesirable chemicals, without sacrificing style.

Just remember, while your baby may be outgrowing clothes at a rapid pace for the first year, it’s worthwhile to invest in a few cute infant hats. Hand knit with heirloom quality, Chizipoms baby hats are keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.

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