Your baby girl’s personality blossoms from even the first few months. Before you know it, she’s charming everyone around her – and getting into mischief beyond belief. How do you choose from the multitude of designs now available in baby girl hats to suit her growing personality? 

No worries. We’ve put together a guide to help you select wisely from the sometimes overwhelming assortment according to her style.

baby toddler sun hat with flower white

Budding diva

Your little girl delights in looking adorable and demands the best. First of all, there must be pink in her baby girl hats. Give her a beanie with a bow, a headband with an oversized flower, or our Pink and White Perfection Hand Crocheted Hat

Sweet as sugar

 If your little girl charms everyone with her smile, look for flowers and lace in your baby girl hats. Beanie Designs has perfected the combination in our hand knitted lace beanies

baby girl flower hat pink knitted lace
Fringe Up Top Mohawk Knit Hat

Fierce and fiery

Fierce and fiery– Your little spirited one needs something unexpected in a hat. Try a Mohawk style. If that feels too edgy, go for a striped multicolor stocking cap or girl’s beanie hat with animal ears.


You can’t go wrong with earflaps. Popular with her favorite aviators Amelia Earhart and Snoopy, earflap hats will stay put through all her escapades. Brilliant colors and a range of designs make this old standby a dazzler among infant hats for girls.

baby toddler sun hat with flower brown

Full of wonder

Fruit themed hats will amuse a baby girl who’s enthralled by everything she sees. Also consider a visor cap or wide-brimmed sun hat to frame her face and shield her eyes as she explores everything around her.

Not really sure yet

Try a beanie with pompoms to top off some of the most seriously cute baby girl hats around. They bounce and wiggle, but they don’t distract from her natural charm.

Pink baby hat with pompoms pink

One final word

We apologize in advance if you have a hard time getting our infant hats off your little girl once they’re on. It’s a serious side effect of matching the right hat with the right little girl. Customers tell us their baby girls want to wear our sweet organic hand knitted hats for days on end!


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