Adorable Baby Hats for Boys

Cute baby hats are not just the domain of little girls anymore. Now little boys are getting in on the fashion trend with an ever growing selection of adorable baby hats for boys hitting the market.

Heart-melting designs are hard to come by for boys – just ask any mom tasked with dressing a little lad. But at, adorable baby boy hats can be found in just about every design you can imagine. Move over, girls!

Perfect Pom Pom Pair Hand Knit Hat Who needs flowers and lace? Baby hats for boys can flutter hearts with fluffy pompoms, whimsical earflaps, and debonair visor caps. Stocking caps with fanciful tassels come in soft neutral colors or bright playful stripes, with nary a truck in sight.

Dozens of unique styles in baby boy hats

Chizipoms is an exclusive designer of hand knitted baby hats offering dozens of unique styles in baby boy hats. In fact, the company’s designs have been known to turn otherwise austere, respectable grownups into grinning, cooing stroller-stoppers, defenseless against the unexpected sweetness of a little boy in a Chizipoms hat.

Football Frenzy Hand knitted hat Parents, consider spicing up your collection of baby boy hats with a unique theme. Plop a little football cap on your tot. Or try cute froggy eyes or darling hats with animal ears. Want to rock out a little more? Go for a fuzzy mohawk style hat. Spoil your lil’ punkin’ with a sweet pumpkin hat. Or a green apple or strawberry hat. You’ll find a host of unexpectedly cute baby hats for boys available at the Chizipoms website.

Most of the knitted baby boy hats at are available in organic cotton. So now your little boy can stay warm, look adorable, and help save the earth – all while he’s napping.


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