A neighbor once told me very directly – almost accusingly – “You know, your son looks nothing like you.” It hurt a bit. I’m not really sure why. It’s a fact, after all, sort of like saying “his hair is brown”. I know we don’t look alike at all. I love that he looks like […]

During my first pregnancy years ago, my husband and I talked about getting the baby’s ears pierced if the baby turned out to be a girl. We disagreed. He thought we should go ahead and do it soon after birth. He is from India, where babies’ ears are pierced very early. He even approached it […]

I was lying down with my baby after our walk this morning, getting in some quality cuddling before his morning nap – and basking in all the wonderful magic that is a baby. Babies are completely enchanting, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you have one baby or you’ve had five, you can never get enough of […]

My doctor said she felt that having a second child was easy, since she’d already been through it all with her first. Me, I feel like it’s been harder than anything I’ve ever done. I’ll share here a few of the things I have discovered the second time around. Let me know how it was […]


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