My baby boy has his six-month checkup this week. I’m nervous. He may be oblivious to it, but there’s a lot of pressure to perform. At his four-month checkup, the pediatrician told me I was probably focusing too much on my older son, and that’s why my baby wasn’t rolling over yet. (Ouch!) Now with […]

Beanie Designs loooovvves those sweet little baby noggins. So we want parents to be aware of the dangers and remedies for a problem that’s becoming more and more common in babies: flat head syndrome. Now that most babies are placed on their backs to sleep, you see flat head syndrome in infants who prefer to […]

If you’ve ever kangarooed your baby, you know it’s a miraculous feeling. Those tiny hands and that warm little body, snuggled up so tenderly on your bare skin. It’s an amazing feeling for the mom as well as the baby. Kangaroo care is especially helpful for babies born prematurely. Preemies are fragile and often suffer […]

My second son was a preemie, born 6 weeks early. Though he was a decent size for his gestational age (4 lbs 15 oz), nothing seemed to fit him. Even the thin little blue and pink hats at the hospital kept slipping around on his head, and the nurses had to double them up. As […]


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