Evaluating preschools – a worksheet

In looking for a preschool for my son to attend, I’ve discovered it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the things I want to know about each school. Thus the preschool interview checklist sheet was born. I am sharing it with all you wonderful Beanie Designs fans who have pre-preschool aged kids to hopefully make organizing the search easier for you, too.

Download the preschool evaluation sheet



Just as with our emergency contact sheet template, I’ve made it available in two formats: MS Word for those who want to edit it first, and a PDF if you just want to print it and go.

Preschool interview checklist template: MS Word (download, edit, then print)

I’ve set up a table in a Word document as a framework for you to edit my included questions or add more to suit your needs. Just download the template and then change it in MS Word on your own computer.

Note: I’ve created the preschool interview checklist template in MS Word 2007. If you’re using an older version or different word processing software, it may skew the formatting. Go for the PDF in that case.

Download the editable preschool evaluation interview checklist sheet in Word

Formatted PDF for printing (download, print and fill out by hand)

This version of the preschool evaluation interview sheet is for printing and then filling in by hand. It will retain its original formatting, but you won’t be able to edit it on your computer (unless you use more advanced software than Adobe Reader to access it).

Download the  preschool evaluation sheet in PDF

How to use the preschool interview checklist templates

When you click the link above for the template you want, the PDF or MS Word document should open. You should then save it to your computer so you can update information as often needed.

Look for the save function within the program you used. If you chose the PDF, then the Adobe Reader should have an option in the top left to “save a copy”. For Word, look under the the menu heading “file” and select “save as”.

You can then choose where to save your preschool interview checklist template and what to call it.

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Comments (3)

  1. Jessica Beard

    Thanks for sharing! My son is only 6 months old, but I have copied this worksheet for later use. I love the templates you have created.

    • Lisa

      Hi Jessica, I hope it comes in handy. And I figure even 6 months may not be too early to start keeping track of schools you hear of. I foolishly ignored the other moms I know as they talked about the schools they were evaluating, thinking I’ll get to that later. But now I find myself scrambling and wishing I’d taken notes over the years!

  2. Jessica Beard

    Great idea Lisa on starting early! Time flies by, so it would be helpful to get many opinions in the time being.

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