Father’s Day gift ideas using photos

cream bear hat with earflaps from Beanie Designs

Dress your kids up in matching hats for some fun Father's Day photos

Father’s Day is June 19. Still almost a month away. But I’m going to issue a challenge now: Instead of a watch, slippers, tie or some other boring Father’s Day gift, consider making something for your dad or husband using photos.

If you don’t have a set of his favorite photos that comes to mind already, you could surprise him by getting some taken of you and your little ones. Dress everyone up and plop matching beanie hats on the kids for some whimsical fun. Then snap away. If you want to make sure you’re in some, too (because you’re also one of his favorites, for sure!) hire a photographer to capture the family fun for a half hour or so.

One more tip, if your guy is anything like mine, posing for photos is not a favorite pastime. That’s why I’m suggesting you do a brief impromptu set of photos without him for Father’s Day only. (It’ll be a total surprise. Then do official portraits another time, so he won’t feel left out.)

Here are some ideas for photo-inspired gifts you can then make for him with the pictures from your session:

  • A wall or desk calendar for his desk at the office
  • Frame his favorite photo and set it where he spends a lot of time
  • Pre-load a digital photo frame with your best family photos
  • A hand-made card including snaps you took
  • Put together a photo scrapbook of the past year
  • Create a set of coasters using unique photos
  • Make him a CD and have a photo printed on it (or on the jacket)

Photos make anything more personal. They can bring back wonderful memories or just offer a reason to smile. It might take little more effort to create something personalized from photos. But it’ll be worth it.

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