The first day of preschool – my little boy was ready, I was not!

My son started preschool this week. And boy was it an adjustment!

The adjustment was mostly mine. My little boy is almost four, and he was ready.

Let me backup for a minute. He is actually enrolled in summer camp at the preschool he’ll be attending from the fall. He’s in a class of 2-4 year olds, but he’ll be moving up to the slightly older preschool class when the real school starts. We started with summer camp to ease him into it, expecting tears and protestations.

Instead, he loves it.

Me? Well, I didn’t cry. I was on the verge, though. I saw plenty of red-eyed parents that first day, dropping off their little boys and girls for the first significant time they’ll spend away from their parents and siblings. But their kids were also crying. Mine was watching the grassy playground as it filled up with the other little kids, all seemingly frozen in their spots, alone, wondering what they should be doing on that first day.

One little boy cried the whole time, my son told me. He thought he was going to be going to school with his sister… Simply heart wrenching!

I went to bed at 7:30 that night, with our baby. I think I was more exhausted than my little boy, who was, unbeknownst to him, beginning an education that would continue at least another 20 years.

I had expected some emotions. That’s what everyone talks about.

What took me by surprise was the amount of physical effort now required of me. Instead of leisurely mornings playing and eating together, now I have to get my son dressed, fed, cleaned up and in the car, while I’m nursing and dressing a baby who is used to taking his first nap by that time. Oh, and I would like to have a shower by that time, too.

Then I have to get both of them out of the car and to the classroom, say goodbye, bring the baby back to the car, load him up, and get him down for his nap once we’re home. Then we do it all again two and a half hours later!

Yes, class is 9-12, which sounds great. But it takes 30 minutes to get there and back each time, and class actually ends at 11:45.

But you know what? I’m so proud of my little boy. He’s growing up into a world where he’ll meet new friends, learn new songs and games, and so much more. And the baby and I will find our groove as we revolve our routine around this new world that big brother has entered.

How about you? Is your little boy or girl making the leap to preschool this year? What are your hopes and fears?

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