Why you should get your baby girl used to hats early on

I used to think it looked funny when I saw baby girls wearing headbands and flowers on their little bald heads. I figured it was just so people would stop asking if she was a boy or a girl.

Baby headband- purple with light pink flower

Get your little girl used to wearing headbands to make hair accessories easy later.

Turns out those moms were onto something.

You see, eventually those little girls are going to grow hair. And unless you want to keep your little girl in a crew cut, you’re going to have to find a way to keep her hair out of her face. If she’s not used to having things like hats or headbands on her head already, be prepared for lots of frustration.

  • You’ll try cute little barrettes. They’ll look adorable. Until she tugs them out, pulling half her hair out with them.
  • You might try headbands. But she’ll end up with it around her neck. Or her doll’s head.
  • Ponytails sound fail proof, right? But wait til you see the tangled mess in your little girl’s hair after just an hour. And spend the next hour trying to get it out.
  • Hats? They won’t stay on long past the novelty of seeing herself in the mirror looking different.

You’ll end up thinking that crew cut’s not such a bad idea…

UNLESS you started getting your little girl used to having foreign objects on her head at a very young age.

No hair yet? It’s the perfect time to keep her in a soft, comfortable baby girl hat. Mesh headbands also work great through the summer months if your little girl is on the hot side.

Then when it comes time to tame those flyaway locks, you’ll transition easily into styles that make it a joy to have a toddler girl with long hair.

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