Green apple hat, as reviewed by a three year old

green-appleA cheery hat that can perk up any chilly day, the green apple hat is gender-neutral and both fun and cozy for kids. Yacine at Beanie Designs was kind enough to send me one to review for the blog. Here my three-year-old son models the green apple hat for us.

The practical side of a green apple hat from Beanie Designs

Size hat reviewed: 3 – 10 years

My son’s age: 3 years and 3 months

My son is at the smallest range. But daddy put the hat on, too! It looks good worn a bit loose and also fitted. I’d say this hat should last your kid’s lifetime (unless he or she ends up with really big hair as a teenager).

The apple hat also can be rolled up when you want to wear it higher on the forehead and pulled down for more coverage on cooler days.

And of course it’s also available in red.

The feel-good factor

This sweet green apple hat design is knitted from organic cotton and exceptionally soft. It’s not a bit scratchy, as of course you wonder when it comes to knitted hats. I just wish you could reach out and feel for yourself how comfy cozy the knitted fabric is on this.

The darker green stem and leaves knit onto the top add a surprisingly adorable touch. The stem stands up a wee bit (not quite as much as in the product photo on the website, at least for us).

My son loves wearing it. He’s not one for drama, but the fact that the apple hat is a bit different definitely comes in handy when I’m trying to convince him to put a hat on when he goes outside to play.

When I asked him what he thought of the hat, he said:

“I like that hat. I like wearing it so much.”

And of course seeing his little green apple hat bobbing around in the back yard brings a big smile to this mom’s face.

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