Has your driving changed since becoming a parent?

One day just before I found out I was pregnant, I found myself screaming wildly at other drivers going too slowly or pulling out into traffic just in front of me. This was highly unusual for me, a cautious, mild driver under normal circumstances.

Turns out it was the hormones of early pregnancy, and not a permanent change in my driving attitude.

Now that I’m a parent, my cautious side reigns supreme. I have made one major adjustment, though. I always turn my rearview mirror on a slant, so I can see both my son in his car seat as well as the drivers behind me.

My husband, the dad, however, has become a completely changed driver.

His driving had honestly scared me at times before. He was aggressive, preferring to maneuver traffic actively, usually at a pace that was a little too fast for me.

Now, I have to yell at him to hurry up when we’re heading home and I’m desperate to get to the bathroom.

Talk about a 360 degree turnaround. He drives leisurely, usually somewhere right around the speed limit, depending on traffic. He no longer has to change lanes constantly. And he just seems a whole lot more relaxed.

I remember our drive home from the hospital with a newborn in the backseat. My husband stayed in the slow lane on the Interstate, constantly surveying the traffic around us. It would normally be a 5-minute drive, but it probably took us 10 minutes that day.

His driving was forever changed. And I’m glad (mostly).

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