Healthy on-the-go snacks for kids

Making sure kids eat right when young is a good way to help them eat well when they’re older. It also helps their minds and bodies grow in a healthy way.

But when you’re on the go and hunger hits, it’s hard to find healthy snacks. You don’t want to rely on the fast food drive-thru every time, and other places that offer healthy snacks, like Starbucks (which sells oatmeal and fresh fruit), can be really expensive.

Here are some healthy snacks for a toddler or pre-schooler you can bring along when you go out. All can be stuffed in your purse fairly easily. All you have to do is post this list near where you keep your purse or diaper bag, and make sure you’re stocked before you go out. (Some like cheese and eggs you won’t want to leave in your purse for more than a few hours, though!)

  1. Boxes of raisins
  2. String cheese
  3. Boiled eggs
  4. Yogurt cup (you can find non-refrigerated yogurt in the baby food section)
  5. Dried fruit strips
  6. Juice boxes
  7. Cheerios
  8. Bananas
  9. Cereal bar
  10. Applesauce cups
  11. Bagels
  12. Slices of bread
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