How to make any day a good day

Hello lovelies! How is your day going? Is it blissfully blip-free? Or are you having one of those days where you just want to crawl back under the covers and start over?

Yesterday, I was reminded of what the key is to having a good day. Since many of you reading this are also moms, you may already know this. But just in case you want to know, here’s how I think you can make any day a good day …

When you’re with your kids, focusing on them will always make your day go better.

Today I reminded myself to focus on the kids and enjoy the day with them. Every day is a better day when I spend it talking and playing with them. They feel so much happier, and I do, too.

Yes, tasks and chores have to happen. Right now the dishes are piling up on the counter, waiting for when Daddy gets home tonight. Three loads of laundry need folding and putting away. Those can wait til tonight, too.

With two little ones now, I just can’t work in everything every day. When I have to choose, I know I should choose to spend time with my kids over doing other things.

I lost sight of this yesterday, with disastrous consequences…

Yesterday, I had a simple task I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to buy a few more cloth diapers so I could go two days in between laundry loads.

Do you think I could get this done? Of course not. Even naptime was a fiasco, with each kid alternating wakeups and demands every 5 minutes.

You see, I am near obsessed with cute cloth diapers, and I was really looking forward to some one-on-one time with my computer so I could find some more. I had 3 websites lined up, ready to purchase, in between all the madness that manifested in our house.

I got two orders off, but one was declined, because apparently I had a typo in my credit card info. (I was trying to complete the order while juggling a hungry baby.) So I’m still not sure exactly what I bought yesterday!

Anyway, by the end of the afternoon, I still hadn’t showered, both kids were still tired and getting hungry, and we were supposed to go out shortly to meet a friend. I was grumpy and the house was a mess. Not a good day, right?

Why didn’t I just plan to look into buying diapers that night, after the kids were in bed?

Today, I spent all morning outside with my preschooler while the baby napped. Lunch and storytime was wonderful, an afternoon nap happened with no tears, and we made it out in one piece to my preschooler’s classes. It was a good day!

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  1. Jessica Beard

    Great advice! I have been having good days lately too. I have been getting more sleep now that my 9 month old decided he could sleep through the night. I hope this continues. There is always time for cleaning the house and doing laundry, but kids grow up so fast. Now that my son is more mobile, I spend my days on the floor playing with him. I have realized that it is ok to do and things will eventually get done. If he is happy, so is this mommy. I can’t wait for spring, so we can get outside and play more.

  2. beth gold

    Remembering things will eventually get done….kids come first. Enjoy playing with them, taking them outside and even reading books help. Play the silly kid songs…..they love it!

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