How will your kids speak of you when they grow up?

Talking with my hairdresser the other day, I mentioned how my mom had kept essentially the same hair style for over 40 years. That started him talking about his mom. The things he said were so sweet!

It made me wonder: how my two sons will speak of me when they are grown men?

They probably won’t remember much yet, as they’re only 3 years and two weeks, respectively. But even so, my hairdresser was recalling a photo of his mom holding him when he was 6 months old. She had regained her svelte figure and was rocking an Elizabeth Taylor-esque haircut. She was beautiful.

And coincidentally, she still has that same haircut! What is it with our moms?

Anyway, he went on to tell me how his mom had always talked with him candidly. One point she made was to acknowledge his knack for charming people he’d inherited from his dad. She told him to be careful how he used his charm, and warned him that his dad had often used his natural charisma to manipulate people.

After this conversation with my hairdresser, I wanted to tell you two things:

1. It struck me as wise to help our children understand themselves so they can learn how to treat others well (without dissing dad, though).

Sometimes we put pressure on our kids to be someone they’re not. I was reminded to see my children for who they are, helping them develop the things they are naturally good at and refraining from criticizing them for the things they are not.

2. I want my sons to remember our family through photos, too. Especially after we’re gone.

Isn’t it funny how a special photo with your mom or parents can mean so much when you’re grown up? There are definitely some I recall of my childhood.

I’m starting with a gift to my son’s grandparents by having a photographer come to shoot some photos with the two boys.

And I may not look like Elizabeth Taylor – or any movie star for that matter – but I’ll make sure to have a few photos with them where I look my best while they’re still young (and I’m relatively young, too!)I’ve even got two Beanie Designs hats picked out for photos!

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  1. Jessica B.

    I hope I can be the best mom, like my mom was to me. I talk highly of my parents and I hope my son will do the same. I plan on taking lot of pictures and videos of my children when they are young, so they can see the wonderful childhood that they will have. I have already taken lots of my son in his adorable Beanie Designs hat! I have also kept track of all his firsts in his baby book and calendar. I will continue with the scrapbooks until he graduated from high school.

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