I’d like to introduce you to my boss

My boss is short, quite fat and mostly bald.

He’s four and a half months old, but this mini CEO of our house rules with an iron fist (covered in drool usually).

Coffee breaks are forbidden, as is sleeping on the job, though he indulges in frequent power naps himself. Did I mention it’s a 24-hour-a-day job?

My boss has loads of personality, though. If you give him a good tickle, he lets out delightful squeals.

He talks on and on, and no one really knows what he is saying. We just pretend we do, and he seems okay with that.

As VP of Play, my other son, who is three, heads up the entertainment division at our house.

Though second in command, my older son places greater mental demands on his employees. He is an expert negotiator and strategic thinker, always making sure my husband and I are clear on our objectives (which toys are to be played with in which order, that is).

In this “office”, motivation for employees consists of rewards beyond measure. (That means there’s no salary.) In fact, the company’s revenue consists of whatever the lowly employees (my husband and I) can scrape up to contribute. Our balance sheet isn’t exactly balancing, either. The bosses have a lot of expenses that must be covered before any bonuses can be distributed to the employees, you see.

Occasionally we attend meetings with other like-minded pint-sized bosses and their willing mom-type employees. These meetings, referred to as “play dates”, are chaotic and quite unproductive as meetings go. There may be lots of shouting and throwing of things (cheerfully, mind you) until one of the bosses decides he can’t share his territory anymore. Then it’s back to the office we go.

Tell us, what’s your “job” like?

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