Infant potty training – why start early?

I just watched the documentary Babies. If you’ve seen it, you know it follows the first year of life of 4 babies in Mongolia, Japan, the U.S., and Namibia.

There’s an early scene where the mommy in Namibia holds her wee one up to let him go to the bathroom. Then she gently wipes his bum on her knee – which she then cleans off with what looks like a corn husk.

Have you ever thought about what moms do in countries where diapers are not used? It sounds like it would be a messy few first years, right?

You might be surprised. My mother-in-law in India says the bathroom part of baby care was the easiest part of raising my husband. Even as an infant, he always made so much fuss when he had to go that she had no choice but to get him to the bathroom.

You see, when you’re not using diapers, you’re more in tune with when your child needs to go. You learn to recognize the cues—and they learn where and when they’re supposed to go (instead of being trained to go in their diapers – and then having to unlearn this when it comes time for potty training).

I think diapers are probably becoming embraced by those in countries like India who can afford them, especially for occasions like dining out or visiting other homes. But even here in America, diaperless baby care is catching on.

Called infant potty training or elimination communication, moms have adapted the concept to fit the American lifestyle. (No wiping of bums on your knee here!)

The benefits of infant potty training are pretty compelling, too:

  • Improved communication and awareness between caregiver and baby
  • Minimal diaper costs!
  • No diaper rashes
  • Better for the environment
  • And even if you go at it part time, your child will probably be out of diapers well before others his age!

Get the low-down on infant potty training if you want to learn more!

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