It was a bad day…

Did you ever have one of those days? The kind where everything seems to go wrong?

Here’s what that day looked like for me. Share YOUR story below in the comments.

First, our son was up at the break of dawn. He was cranky, because we’d been putting him to bed too late that week. Somehow, our timing was just off, and he was making us pay.

My sister had broken her foot two days previous, and she lives an hour from us. She had just started a new job as a horse trainer, so naturally I was worried. I was waiting to hear from her about how I could help.

It was Friday. I don’t like to leave laundry and cleaning til the weekend. We try to save weekends for family time. So I was scrambling to get in 3 loads of laundry.

That’s when it all started…

I knocked over the liquid laundry soap container as I was loading the machine. It fell between the wall and the washing machine, and the cap came off. Sticky goo, all over the things I had stored there. (In a tiny, dark spot that’s really hard to reach and clean—especially when you’re really pregnant.)

My sister called, saying she’d be leaving the next day to recover with some friends and family. I wanted to see her before she left. Which meant we’d be trucking up to her farm after my son’s nap that afternoon.

Quick, set in motion a plan of action!

Get the toddler in bed, start dinner, text the husband to ask him to finish it while we’re gone so we can eat when we get back and get our son to bed on time (finally). Wipe up the goo.

Ooops, the toddler is playing with all the things I pulled out covered in laundry soap. Impromptu washing session.

Floor is clean. Kid is clean. Things seemingly under control.

Now dinner is burning. Take care of that.

Visit the bathroom for a much needed break. Great, the toilet’s plugged. Now it’s flowing over! (Usually I’m good with a plunger, but this was like a very polluted Niagara Falls. At least I stopped the water from reaching the wood floors outside the bathroom with a dyke of towels.)

You can imagine the cleanup THAT mess involved.

And to think I had been hoping to get some work done during a peaceful naptime.

At least it was Friday!

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