Just how clumsy does pregnancy make you?

As I got ready to type today’s blog post, I spilled my coffee across the keypad.

I should have known not to drink coffee while using the laptop. But I’m at Starbucks, and enjoying an Americano while I work should be part of the perk of getting out of the house for a bit, right?

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m 5 months pregnant. And I’m clumsier than my toddler.

If you stand outside our house, you can hear my little guy shout, “Clean it, Mommy!” about 6 times a day.

How was I blessed with such a neat freak, while I can’t eat something without dropping it on myself? I can even trust him to carry his little potty seat’s receptacle to the toilet, full of pee, and dump it in without spilling a drop! When he’s at the table and I reach to move something away because I’m afraid he might spill it, I usually end up knocking it over myself. That’s how bad it is.

Being clumsy is cute in the movies. But in real life, the messes I create require time and effort to clean up. Not fun.

Here are just a few of the annoying things my pregnancy-inspiring clumsiness has led to recently:

  • Upside down pieces of peanut butter toast on the floor
  • Dropped glasses full of water onto the tile kitchen floor (broken glass is the worst to clean up!)
  • Liquid laundry detergent spilled into hard-to-reach places.
  • Scratching my toddler with my fingernails when I dress him (and my nails aren’t even long)
  • Dousing him in miso soup while eating out (I was too excited for him to try it and dumped the whole bowl onto his lap!)
  • Stains on the belly of all my maternity wear. (My belly is always rubbing on the counter, and I forget to check, since I can’t really see under there now.)

I take special measures to ensure I don’t trip and fall.

I have yet to fall, like singer Pink seemed to do regularly. But I take special measures while I’m pregnant. I wear sandals that strap on securely instead of flip flops. I reach for a guardrail if there’s one available. I’m always looking out for the stray cord or bump that could cause me to stumble. I even got an extra-unslippy bathmat for outside the shower.

Luckily, the coffee didn’t make it down between the keys to ruin the laptop, as you can probably tell since I’ve actually managed to get this written and posted.

Have you found pregnancy made you more clumsy than usual?

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Comments (3)

  1. Yacine

    This is so funny Lisa, you poor thing. This post actually made me realize I’m not a clumsy person only when I’m pregnant. My husband think I’m a clumsy person but now I can make my case that it’s only when I’m pregnant because after giving birth 9 months I don’t have lot of clumsy incidents.

  2. Lisa

    Hi Yacine, I can understand especially for those who have had several babies how you start to feel like your pregnant self is “how you are”. Good you’ve come to see you’re not really a clumsy person after all! Now your husband will have to be convinced, lol!

  3. Lisa

    Sadly I cannot blame my pregnancy on my clumsiness either. I never realized just how bad I was until I spilled a glass of wine when out with friends and none of them batted an eye. Apparently everyone expects me to knock things over at all times!

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