Knitted hats or crocheted hats? What’s the difference?

Knit cupcake baby hat

Our hand knitted cupcake hat

We have knitted baby hats. And we have crocheted baby hats. Then we have knit baby hats with crochet embellishments.

When you’re looking to buy a baby hat, you may not even realize what’s knit and what’s crocheted. Unless you’re an experienced knitter or crocheter yourself, the difference may not be immediately apparent. But just in case you’re the kind of person who likes to learn new facts, here’s a little rundown on the difference between our knit and crochet baby hats.

First of all, much is the same whether you’re buying a knit or crocheted hat

  • Whether knit or crocheted, our hats are handmade with high-quality organic cotton yarns.
  • Both knitting and crocheting produce soft, breathable designs that keep warmth in while letting air circulate.
  • All Beanie Designs hats are extremely soft and comfortable for babies and children.

So, what’s different?

The difference between knitting and crocheting really comes down to technique and tools, according to Jenn Likes Yarn, an avid knitter and crocheter since age 11. Usually two knitting needles are used to create a pattern when knitting a baby hat. Crocheting uses only one long hook, and the crocheter uses her or his (yes, men do crochet!) hand to feed the yarn to the hook.

Organic cottong earflap hat with flower

Crocheted earflap hat with flower detail

If you look closely, you can also sometimes tell that knit and crochet fabrics tend to drape differently. Knitting usually produces tighter stitches, while crocheting creates a looser, often thicker fabric.

Crocheting techniques are better at producing our popular lacy sun hats than knitting could ever be.

Crocheting also produces spectacular details like flowers and patterns that might be more difficult to achieve through knitting. You’ll see crocheted embellishments woven right into many of our hats, whether the hat is knit or crocheted.

While these differences are slight, we encourage you to try spotting which hats are crocheted and which are knit on our site! (If you get stuck, the product description should tell you outright.) Have fun!

(P.S. I’m just learning about knitting and crocheting myself, so feel free to comment below if you’re a knitter or crocheter and would like to add more details.)

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