Lisa’s guest post on Family Friendly Frugality

Today Lisa is a guest blogger on Family Friendly Frugality’s weekly featured post for Tot Tuesday.

We have collaborated with Heather over at Family Friendly Frugality in the past where she hosted a giveaway.    First off, we loved working with Heather!  Second, her blog is chock- full of inspiring how-to’s, DIY posts and RECIPES.  Family Friend Frugality  is a gold mine frankly – it is a go to among the Beanie Design ladies for inspiration with our own families – especially now that it is summer vacation… need I say more?

Lisa is already a mom of one and expecting her second.    Like most moms, Lisa wants to make better, healthier  choices for her family and reflects on her efforts to be a frugal mom on Tot Tuesday.

Restaurants, more healthy kids’ menu choices, please!
Just how clumsy does pregnancy make you?

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