A little boy who’s crazy about cars

doodle of car by toddler

Car doodle by my son on the Doodle Buddy app

My little boy is crazy about cars. He knows all the major car makers and can recognize their logos. I didn’t even know my friend’s SUV was a Cadillac until he told me.

On nice evenings, we sometimes walk as a family to the front entrance of our community to watch the cars driving by on the main road. It must look bizarre: a mommy, daddy, and little boy perched on the garden wall, pointing at every car. But everyone in the community knows he is naming the cars as they drive past.

He used to surprise me in parking lots. As I’d set him down on the ground next to our car, he’d tell me what make the car next to us was. I didn’t know that almost every car has the maker’s logo in the center of the wheel rim, right at eye level to a toddler. My husband had shown him that, so he could recognize any car if he could just get a glimpse of the wheels.

The early days, before cars captured his every thought

I can trace this car obsession back to when he was really small and he was fascinated by anything that could spin.

Cars, with four spinning wheels, just seemed to be the next natural step. When he played with his cars, he would lie on the floor so he could get the best vantage point to see the wheels spinning.

Now rather than driving them back and forth slowly to savor the movement, he prefers to send them racing across the room to collide with other cars, furniture or perhaps a ramp he has fashioned out of a piece of cardboard.

One good thing about this obsession is that I can get him interested in nearly anything if I can relate it to cars.

I was worried when he showed zero interest in coloring and drawing. So I got him coloring books with cars in them.

He is now into drawing to the point where he spends a good chunk of every day on the chalkboard or Doodle Buddy app, drawing cars. Sidewalk chalk exists solely for populating our walkway with dozens of colorful though rudimentary cars. Car stickers cover everything from his toy cars to drinking bottles.

If I need to motivate him to get ready to go out, I can issue a challenge: Let’s see if we can spot a Volvo on the way, for example.

And he loves nothing more than if you will play cars with him. Automoblox are his favorite. If you ever meet him, I hope you can join him in fashioning unique car designs out of these small wooden car blocks for a while. You’ll forget everything and lose yourself in the fun, understanding just why a little boy can become crazy about cars.

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  1. Beth Pociask

    This makes me so excited for my little boy. I never realized the cars logo were on the wheels so now we can show our son this as he gets bigger!

    • Lisa

      Have fun with that! I’m sure he’ll be pointing them out in no time.

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