Leela wants to know: which hat do you like?

Multi-color two poms little girl hat

Leela looking sweet in the multi-color two poms little girl hat

Hats are where it’s at now, with Old Man Winter on the way. Little girls everywhere are presented with the challenge of choosing the right hat to get them through the chilly days ahead.

So I put two hats to the test by an adorable and very discerning almost-three-year-old little girl, Leela.

Adorable brown earflap hat for girls

Now Leela looking gorgeous in the brown earflap hat…

Leela lives in Toronto, Canada. Here she models for you both hats in size 3-10 years. (Beanie Designs is based in Georgia but ships worldwide, in case you didn’t know.)

Earflap flower hat or multi-color two poms hat?

Both hats are warm and cozy for the coming winter months, but here’s where they differ:

The multi-color two poms hat is soft and floppy. Leela’s mom says, This hat is adorable! It’s light, super soft, hugs her head rather than gripping it and doesn’t seem the least bit itchy. Leela loves it!”

multi color two poms hat

Hard at play in the two poms hat

The brown and pink earflap hat is crocheted, so it has more structure and thickness. This makes it a little less stretchy, but the chunkier weave also gives rise to great breathability.

Leela’s mom comments this one is a “little bit heavier and the weave is a tad bulkier. But it’s still light and soft, and she really likes the flower on it.”

She also notes that the earflap hat “is a bit bigger than the other one so I imagine the first one will get more use this season.”

Great coverage with earflaps

Great grow-with-me coverage with the earflaps

Leela is not quite three yet, and both hats were sized for 3-10 year olds. However, my thought is that the multi-color two poms hat will fit easily through a range of sizes simply because it can be worn with the pom poms flopped down when your little girl is small or with the hat completely filled out on a bigger head.

The earflap hat will still work at the younger range, but you’ll want to make sure it is tipped back on your little girl’s head. And of course those earflaps mean you can fasten it on for stay-put convenience through snow fights, skating practice and all manner of horsing around outside.

Leela wants to know, which do you like?

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Comments (11)

  1. Jessica Beard

    I like the multi-color three poms hat! They are both cute.

  2. Gaby

    So hard to choose, I love them both! My favorite is the multi-color two poms.

  3. Sidni H.

    I really love them both but I think the multi-colored 2 poms looks great on Leela!

  4. Yacine

    She look cute on both! infact she make the hats look good. I Like the multi color on her but she might need the earflap to cover those ears when it’s super cold outside.

  5. anuja

    the other one… ear flaps are so practical and at the same time she looks so adorable!!!!

  6. Lisa

    Cousin Rohan says he likes the pink striped pom pom hat best. But he thinks Leela is really cute with the earflap hat pulled down in front!

  7. Leslie Guenther

    Oh she looks adorable. I like the ear flap one the best. Great for winter.

  8. Megan Wentland

    Leela, your such a beautiful gir!!! I LOVE the brown earflap hat, it really brings out your eyes! But All the hats from Beanie Designs are ADORIBLE!!! 🙂

  9. Ashley Wells

    I love the brown and pink ear flap one…..But then again she does look adorable in all of them!

  10. Jennifer Lewis

    I love the multi pom pom hat

  11. Jennifer Lewis

    I myself love the pom pom hat for a girl it is too cute not to love!!! i am a big fan of pinka nd brown on a girl, i just had my first daughter after 3 boys and i just love dressing her… i came across the beanie hats and fell in love there is so many to choose from OH MY i was so undecided but i FINALLY chose one and can’t wait till it comes

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