Little girls who love babies

Since having my second baby, I feel like I’ve become a bodyguard for a celebrity. I’m on duty three days a week when I venture into bigger-kid territory with my baby for my older son’s activities.

I have to say I’m not a very good bodyguard, though. I turn to talk to another mom, and in a split second a five-year-old groupie goes for it, swooping under my imaginary boundary to attach herself to my unassuming baby.

Older little girls, aged seven or so, will often ask first. They start with a tentative, “I like your baby”, as if they’re complimenting me on my choice of accessory. If he’s in my arms, they might say, “Can I hold him?” If he’s in the carrier, they often start patting him on his head before I can even make a move.

I felt particularly bad when I turned down one girl’s request to see him once when I had his carrier covered so he could sleep. Though he badly needed the nap, I could see she took it personally when I said no. Still, I felt I needed to stick to my policy. She only asked to look, but I knew that once she got a visual, those little hands would have a hard time holding back.

I tried explaining why I said no to another little girl. It didn’t go well. It came out sounding like I thought she might give my baby the plague, and she insisted she was free of all germs. How do you explain the concept of a baby’s delicate immune system and the fact that every little kid who goes to school is potentially carrying a host of germs?

I guess I didn’t notice this phenomenon so much with my first son, because I didn’t take him places where he was around older kids much. I do recall one time in the pool when a group of four girls played with him for 30 minutes, though. He loved the attention, grabbing at their hair and noses, and I thought it was great fun to watch.

Moms of girls, is your little one crazy for babies?

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