Make a book of memories with your child

I’ve been slacking on writing down milestones. My firstborn’s baby book extends to his fifth year, but I have yet to put photos in it from his first! I have this idea. What if I enlist my kids to help me document their years in a book we create together? (Well, I may have to hold the pen for the four-month-old.) It’ll give us a project we can work on together any time we feel like it. So it’s not one more thing I have to do when they’re asleep, but rather a fun bonding thing to do. I can get their perspectives on things and write it down with them immediately. I’ll get their help in picking out – or even taking – photos for the book. I’ll make up pages with themes that we can add to when we think of new ones:

  • My favorite toys
  • Funny things I said
  • What we did on my birthday
  • What I learned this year
  • Places I went
  • My favorite foods
  • Books I love
  • What I want to do when I get bigger
  • Playing with daddy
  • Things I like doing with mommy
  • Message from mommy and daddy

And maybe we’ll make a new book every year! I have thought about making this book digitally, and then printing it out at the end of the year. But that’s so electronic. I would rather have a hands-on book we can glue messy art projects into and perhaps they can write in themselves as they learn to form letters. It might not be very pretty… But then again, they’re boys. I think this weekend I’ll have to visit a craft store and see if I can find a sturdy book with blank pages for all our memories. Have you tried anything like this? Any tips to add?

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  1. BethGold

    creative memories is a line of craft supplies that offers so much! their scrapbooks are sturdy. you can even buy clear covers for the pages. they dont fade or turn yellow over the years. they also have wonderful stickers and tools.

    • Lisa

      Beth, thanks for the resource, I’ll have to look them up online. I did order a scrapbook from Amazon but I’m sure we’ll need more pages soon!

  2. Jessica Beard

    This is a wonderful idea! I think your boys would love to take ownership of something so special, especially if they have a hand in it. Take lots of pictures of your newborn, so when he gets old enough to help, the pictures will bring back all of the special times. I have caught up on my son’s baby book, but I’d like him to help me create a scrapbook when he gets old enough.

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